“It helps channel partners expand their business increasing the overall business value”

"We know that to build long-lasting, profitable and engaged channel relationships and to dominate mindshare, we should be delivering overall business value and Mindmatrix helps us do that. It offers us ways to help our channel partners expand their business which spells success for us."


Cassandra Anderson

Director of Channel Sales, Crexendo


“Emails can be personalized easily and detailed report of the lead activity can be accessed”

"Campaigns are easy. The content is written by Mindmatrix and is directly relevant. Emails can be personalized from me, or any other sender at the company. Its very easy with no hassles. We get reports that we access on the MSP Advantage portal that tells us who opened what and when."


Michael H Brown

National Director, Tier3MD

HNL Corp

“Mindmatrix lets me know my prospect's, interests. I know exactly what to say, when to say it and how to say it”

"One of the best features is that the Mindmatrix platform lets me home in and focus on the interests of each of my prospects. I can see exactly what they are looking for. This means that when I call them, I know what to do. I know the things I should  talk about that will capture their attention and interest."


Hudson Navarro

President HNL Corp


“able to secure a $60,000 deal in less than three months”

Continuum partner and Newport News-based MSP, Empower Information Systems, has experienced tremendous results in the short time it has been utilizing the MindMatrix platform. Using the integrated email marketing platform, Empower was able to secure a $60,000 deal in less than three months. Normally, businesses have to do this themselves, but in this case, MindMatrix closed the deal for Empower by enabling them to both generate and nurture their leads until the customer was primed for the sales pitch. "We've never maintained a dedicated marketing staff, but as our company matured, we began to realize that you can only shake so many hands and play so many rounds of golf in a day," said Principal and Chief Security Officer at Empower Information Systems Jason Holbrook. "We needed a plan to engage customers and knew we couldn't count on ourselves to get it executed.That's why we chose MindMatrix."



“Since implementation we've seen a significant increase
in engagement levels and website traffic”

Continuum partner and MSP, Lotus Management Services reports that they are expecting to show a 5% increase in sales revenue after just four months with MindMatrix. Having only been in business for about a year, Lotus Management Services was looking for an all-inclusive marketing suite to help them increase engagement with potential customers and drive traffic, in addition to organizing the day-to-day aspects of running a marketing campaign. "As a new company, the software has been instrumental in helping us to organize our marketing campaign. It's user-friendly and the mobile phone app helps us keep track of website traffic and email open rates, even when we're out of the office."