Our MSP & IT Advantage Programs are a blend of sales and marketing enablement technology with strategy and content to create a comprehensive marketing and sales program for you. Apart from providing you with marketing and sales strategies, support and content, we also offer top-notch sales and marketing enablement tools that help you drive increased sales. Mindmatrix sales enablement software incorporates all the functions and metrics essential to IT & MSP sales and marketing into a single software package, allowing for a seamless conversion of your initial contact into a long-term customer.

Learn more about how the sales enablement, marketing automation, channel enablement and asset management features of the Mindmatrix platform can boost IT & MSP marketing & sales.



Sales dashboard

The dashboard offers you quick access to elements important to you. These include hot lead information, marketing/sales campaign results, sales playbooks, document and media gallery, user profile and more!



Mindmatrix sales enablement

Our MSP sales and marketing playbooks offer a guided sales process that you can follow to enjoy repeated sales success. When you sign up for the MSP Advantage Program, you receive ready-to-use MSP sales playbooks that contain all the sales and marketing content and assets you will need to pitch to your prospects. The content in our playbooks is designed to suit your prospect persona and is already mapped to their buying stages. It’s like having a clear roadmap for MSP sales success.


Social Media Automation and Listening03

Sales enablement software

You know that social media platforms are great avenues to build your brand and attract new business, but you are so busy running your business that you don’t have the time for consistent social updates. No worries! With the MSP Advantage Program, you get a series of pre-set, ready-to-use social media messages that you can use to generate buzz on popular social platforms. And...that's not all, you can also automate the postings so they happen consistently



Mindmatrix sales enablement software allows salespeople to create personalized sales presentations

Adding a personal flavor to your sales and marketing materials will help you generate a better response from your leads. With the MSP Advantage Program, you can customize sales presentations (PPTs), emails, sales brochures and even web marketing materials like landing pages and websites to suit your local market. Engage in personalized, laser-focused MSP sales and marketing communication with your clients and prospects and watch deals close faster!


PSA/CRM Integration05

PSA/CRM Integration

We integrate seamlessly with over a dozen CRMs to give you a single point of usage—the CRM. This helps you minimize duplicate data entry and get a unified view of prospect/customer activities so you can focus on your core business objectives without worrying about data exchange between your MSP sales enablement platform and the PSA/CRM.


Mobile Access06

Mobile Access

You probably spend a lot of time at client sites, meeting them, checking their IT infrastructure, etc. But that’s no reason to ignore your leads. With the MSP Advantage Program, you get mobile access to key elements such as important lead data, MSP sales and marketing assets, playbooks, campaign reports, etc.


Personalized Sales Presentation07

Personalized Sales

The MSP Advantage Program gives you ready-to-use, high-impact sales presentations, customized for your key prospect segments such as law firms, doctor’s offices, accounting firms and more. Convince your prospects more easily as you talk about their specific pain points.


Chrome Outlook Plug-In08

Upgraded Chrome Outlook

Want to type out an email real quick and send it to a prospect? With the MSP Advantage Program you will be able to do that and still track your prospect’s response to them using the Chrome/Outlook plug-in.


Improved Lead management with lead scoring, segmentation & routing 09

Improved Lead management

You can sell better if you categorize your leads right. Understand who is ready to buy and what solutions they are looking for and target them accordingly. The MSP Advantage Program offers you tools to effectively manage your leads. These include tools for lead scoring, automated lead segmentation and routing.


Alerts and Notifications10

Email alert

Operating in a competitive local environment means the vendor who is the first to react grabs the attention of the lead. Our software generates SMS and email alerts upon significant lead activity so you can stay on top of your game always.


360 - Degree Prospect View11

360 - Degree Prospect

Wouldn’t it be easier to sell if you knew what was going on in your prospect’s mind at any point? We think so too, which is why the MSP Advantage Program offers you a 360-degree prospect view that tells you what your prospect is up to at any given time.


Lead Nurturing12

Lead Nurturing

Want to stay connected with your leads, but don’t have the time? We offer ready-to-use lead nurturing email and SMS drips that you can set up in our system and then go about your business as usual. Focus on leads that are ready to sign up, while our system works on keeping you on top of mind for the other leads.


Measuring Sales and Marketing Effectiveness13

Measuring Sales and Marketing

You are not a trained marketer or salesperson, but you still need to look into how your sales and marketing campaigns are faring. With the MSP Advantage Program, you get detailed insight into your sales and marketing efforts. Get reports that tell you exactly what is working and what’s not, so you can tweak your marketing/sales gameplan accordingly.


SMS Marketing14

SMS Marketing

We bring SMS capabilities to your MSP marketing and sales campaigns, so you can reach out to your prospects the way they want you to.


Brand Management15

Brand Management

Think brand management is only for the big guys? Think again. Our MSP Advantage Program brings you a host of brand management tools that help you build your local brand and safeguard it from distortion.


Asset Management16

Asset Management

With the MSP Advantage Program, you get a complete asset management portal where you can store all your MSP marketing and sales assets, access them on-demand even via mobile devices, get reports on their effectiveness, and more.


Product Database Syndication17

Product Database

In the IT sphere, things change almost every minute. For an IT product/service provider like you, it means constantly updating your MSP sales and marketing materials. We syndicate your product database with your sales and marketing collateral so they are accurate and updated at all times.


Multichannel Marketing and Sales18

Multichannel Marketing

With the MSP Advantage Program you can engage in effective sales and marketing campaigns across multiple channels including web, print, email, SMS and social media. Go ahead and serenade your leads wherever they are!


Global Asset Search Across All Asset Types19

Global Asset

We know you are too busy running your business to spend time looking for sales and marketing assets, which is why we make it easy for you to search and locate the asset of your choice using our global asset search feature.


Asset Rating and Feedback System20

Asset Rating

Perhaps you have a sales team that does the selling for you. Wouldn’t you want to know if they find the assets you provide them are actually useful? Our asset rating and feedback does just that gathering feedback on the usefulness of assets from its end users so you know what assets are really good and which ones need to go.


Asset Recommendation Engine21

Asset Recommendation

Let’s say you have all the MSP sales and marketing assets you need to engage your leads. But, do you know when to use them? With our asset recommendation engine, you don’t have to worry because it automatically maps your assets to each buyer’s journey and tells you what asset to use when.


Asset Approval and Expiration22

Asset Approval

As you focus on growing your business, you may find it difficult to keep your messaging consistent. How do you ensure your salesperson is using the right MSP sales/marketing collateral at all times? With the MSP Advantage Program you get asset approval tools that let you set permissions for asset usage which prevent unauthorized or incorrect usage of assets.


Integration With Third Party Asset Storage Platforms23

Asset Storage Platforms

Do you already have an asset repository where you have all your sales and marketing materials stored? No sweat…we can integrate our platform with yours to ensure a single usage point for you.


Web Tracking and Analytics 24

>Web Tracking and Analytics

Is your website attracting leads? Do you know who they are, or what happens to them after they visit your site? With the MSP Advantage Program, you can answer these questions because you get tools to track your web leads and analyze the effectiveness of your web collateral.


Lead Generation Via Landing Pages25

Lead Generation

Landing pages are a must for lead generation but did you know that 44% of clicks for B2B companies are directed to a home page, not a landing page? (via Marketing Sherpa). When you sign up for the MSP Advantage Program, you get tools that let you create high-impact landing pages in minutes!


Personalized Email Marketing26

Personalized Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to reach out to your potential leads. But, with everyone resorting to email marketing, how do you ensure your emails catch your prospect’s attention? With the MSP Advantage Program, you get tools to personalize your email marketing campaigns so as to make an impact and stand out from the crowd.


Webinar Syndication 27

Webinar Syndication

Hosting informative IT webinars is a great way to attract leads. The MSP Advantage Program gives you specific webinar marketing tools that help you promote your webinars. Build high-impact landing pages and email campaigns to attract more webinar sign ups, manage your webinar leads and promote your webinars on social media—all in a few clicks.


On-behalf Marketing 28

On-behalf Marketing

Our software allows you to run marketing and sales campaigns on behalf of your salespeople. Send emails, SMSs or make social media updates for your salespeople while they are in the field. Our on-behalf marketing feature helps your salespeople stay consistently engaged with their leads and builds their personal brand for them. That means they get to focus on what they are meant to do—selling and while our system works with you to take care of the rest.


Business Planning and Audit29

Business Planning and Audit

When you sign up for the MSP/IT Advantage Program, we work with you to understand your business and your key marketing and sales challenges. We look at what you have in terms of assets and what you need to reach out to your target market successfully. We analyze the gap and based on our gap analysis, we generate a report that can be used by our implementation consultants to gauge your IT marketing and sales campaign requirements. We then meet with you once a month to discuss the results and make recommendations for changes to existing campaigns, as well as suggestions for new campaigns. Once we establish what steps need to be taken, we help you implement them and regularly monitor your results to make sure you are on the path to success.


Ready-to-use Marketing and Sales Content 30


Are you worried you don't have the resources or time to write fresh, engaging content? With the MSP/IT Advantage Program, you don’t have to worry about lack of resources or time to create fresh content. With the MSP/IT Advantage Program, you get pre-packaged and branded content so you never have to worry about what to say and how to say it to prospects. Every quarter you receive compelling new content such as:

  • White papers
  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Email campaigns

That’s a lot of content....just so you never have to worry about not having fresh content.


Sales & Marketing Coaching & Assistance31

Sales & Marketing

One of the best things about the MSP/IT Advantage Program is that we work with you to help you make the most of your investment in the program. When you sign up for the MSP/IT Advantage Program, you get monthly sales and marketing coaching and assistance, so that your MSP/IT Advantage Program implementation stays on track. As a part of the coaching & assistance, we offer you help with SEO reports/directory submissions, generate sales and marketing reports for you, and offer a host of other sales and marketing support services. You can learn more about it here (LINK TO CONCEIRGE PAGE)


Tools to set up Internal Training and Certification Programs32

Tools to set up Internal

With the MSP/IT Advantage Program you get tools that aid you in setting up internal training certification programs for your salespeople. You can track who downloaded what training materials, who took the certification exams and who passed them successfully.