After interviewing hundreds of MSPs, Mindmatrix realized that most of them struggle because

  • They lack the marketing resources to build their brand and generate leads
  • They are too busy working on the business rather than in the business
  • They lack sales enablement tools for effective selling

Based on these findings, Mindmatrix designed the best marketing program ever—The Marketing Advantage Program for MSPs. This video tells you more about how the MSP Advantage Program helps MSPs overcome these key challenges through its revenue growth platform and automation tools.


In a recent survey, franchise marketers stated that poor brand consistency and lack of marketing expertise were two main reasons why franchise marketing failed.

However, with the right sales enablement solution for franchises, you won’t face any of these problems. This video explains how Mindmatrix can help you and your franchises overcome the shortcomings that traditional franchises face and how you can build a strong base of loyal followers in local markets.

Mindmatrix for Sales

Sales and marketing alignment is core to any business in order to close more sales. Mindmatrix makes your sales reps independent by giving them the tools that help to interact with prospects in real-time without having to wait on marketing to approve their decisions.

This way your reps are able to close the loop between your prospects and your marketing strategies.